There was an EPIC battle tonight at Raincity in the Canadian Affiliate League!
Katie, Genesis, Craig, and Taban went up against a team of 3 guys and 1 girl from CrossFit New West. I don’t even know where to begin. The whole team worked together beautifully through the pullup ladder. Katie repped out easy chest to bar pullups and Taban followed her up repping out strict pullups like it was nothing. Then Craig stepped up with 5 unbroken bar muscle ups and #RaincityGenesis followed that up with some epic ring muscle ups (after a whooooole lot of pullups), there were some near misses and potential injuries but the team came from behind and won the first ladder by 1 muscle up! It was a nail biter.

The second barbell ladder was a tough one for Raincity to catch the heavy hitting team on. Everyone was repping out some heavy ass snatch doubles and it was awesome to watch how beautiful their form was considering they were half the size of the other team. #proudcoach

The final event was too much to watch. It was a waterfall so one athlete went through and each one followed. All the athletes ROCKED it including finishing by repping out pistols after burpee box jumps, calorie rows, AND over head plate lunges, and every single RAthlete stepped up to the plate and did exactly what they had to do, even when I lied to Taban and told her she was behind (she was 5 reps ahead, shh don’t tell her) she hauled ass even though you could see the pain on her face. In the end it turned out CFNW had a ringer on the pistols as their final girl repped out 10 pistols faster than I knew was possible and we lost by 1 or 2 reps. The fact that we held the lead through that entire race is EXTREMELY impressive considering we had 2 girls that had to the same calorie row as a team of 3 guys, unreal efforts.

Also shot out to Misch who took on today’s hellish comp training WOD and went to that deep dark place.

We’ve got 2 weeks until the West Coast Triple Crown Winter Challenge where a team of 4 (Katie, Genesis, John Adams, and Misch) as well as 5 indys (Vil, Derek, Jaime, Taban, and Myself) and I couldn’t be more excited for Raincity’s first official debut with RAthletes (and not just coaches) competing. You guys have shown you’re ready.

You can register to volunteer for the event as well as get all other details here: http://westcoasttriplecrown.com/winter-challenge/

WOD wise, we’ve been pretty abusive on you the last 10 days or so, no barbell work tomorrow just focus on good quality gymnastics and some good old fashioned hard work. Also take care of your owies.

Today’s WOD


Spend 15 minutes taking care of owies. Coaches will show you new tips and techniques with foam rollers, lacrosse balls, partner stretches, flossing, etc.Make sure you USE this time, there should be a lot of ‘moaning and groaning’ caused by foam rollers, lacrosse balls, etc.



3 Rounds for total reps (of each movement)
30s Max Ring Dips
30s Rest
30s Max Strict Chinups
30s Rest


WOD (20)

2 Min for Max reps at each station with 30s rest between each movement.
2 rounds for total reps (per station)Toe to Bar
Calorie Row
Hand Release Pushups
Double Unders


Author: Simon 'Thor' Damborg

Simon is the Head Coach and Owner of Raincity Athletics. “Discovering a new level of health has changed my life, not only in how I look feel and perform, but how I feel about myself both inside and out. I want to help as many people as I can discover their ‘athlete within’ no matter what level that may be, which is why I love our slogan: Find Your Fit. Our bodies are nicer than any car, house, or pet we’ll ever own, and yet we constantly abuse them like we can buy another one if it breaks. I strongly believe if we can maximize our physical health and performance it will have a positive affect on our lives in more ways than anyone can imagine.”

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