20150104 SUNDAY TEAM & OLY

03 January 2015
From Coach Taryn:
So next weekend is the Icebreaker Challenge & we have a lot of athletes who will be competing. As you may or may not know it is a 2-day competition and the first day is modelled after an official Olympic Weightlifting Competition (i.e. 3 attempts to hit a Max Snatch followed by three attempts to hit a Max Clean and Jerk) which sounds straightforward but there is a surprising amount of strategy involved.
Today what we’re going to do is go through a competition style warm-up followed by 3 (and only 3!) attempts at a max for each lift. For the competitors this is your chance to figure out your ‘openers’ for the IceBreaker challenge, and for those you not competing this will give you a taste of what it feels like.
Snatch (30min max)
‘Warm-Up’ Lifts (15-20min)
5 @ barbell 
4 @ 50%
4 @ 60%
3 @ 70%
3 @ 80%
2 @ 87%
1 @ 92%
1 @ 96%
‘Competition Lifts’ (5-10min)
3 x 1 @ ??
Clean & Jerk
“Warm-Up” Lifts
3 @ Barbell
3 @ 50%
2-3 @ 60%
2-3 @ 70%
1-2 @ 80%
1 @ 90%
1 @ 96%
‘Competition Lifts’ (5-10min)
3 x 1 @ ??
**Your first competition lift SHOULD NOT be your max unless you are 100% positive you can hit it. You cannot take the weight down if you miss it and in lifting competitions you must hit at least one of each lift (Snatch and C&J) in order to get a score.
**The goal is to NOT do a lot of Volume during the warm-up, save that energy for your max lifts. 
** Rest between lifts/sets (~2-3 minutes at the heavier weights and the ‘competition lifts)
For the Remainder of the Time
Depending on how the Lifts went (i.e. you found the most difficult) the remaining time will be spend working on
Snatch Balance (for people who struggled more with the snatch)
3 x 3 @ 50% 60%
2 x 3 @ 65% 70%
2 x 2 @ 80%
Jerk (for people who struggled with the jerk)
3 x 4 @ 50% 60%
3 x 3 @ 65% 70%
3 x 2 @ 80%

Today’s WOD


Olympic Lifting ‘Openers’

Ground to overhead in 1 movement

Clean & Jerk
Ground to overhead in 2 distinct movements



Alternating Complete Rounds with a partner

6 Rounds Each
Goal is for each movement to be unbroken every round.

6x Power Cleans (135/95)
12x Wallballs (20/14)
18x Russian KB Swing (24/16)



Author: Simon 'Thor' Damborg

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