20150114 WEDNESDAY

13 January 2015

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500m Interval Row
Without stopping
300m at easy pace
100m Max effort sprint
100m at easy pace

Record the lowest split time achieved during 100m

Dynamic Stretch
Pick 3-5 Movements
10x Leg Swings (fwd + back)
10x Leg Swing (side to side)
10x Calf Swipes
10x Samson
10x Inchworm
10x Lunge + Elbow Down
10x Arm Circles

Rack + Shoulder Mobility during QOD



10 minutes tech and build weight
7min EMOM, start at 60% and try to add weight each round
Power Clean + Push Jerk
Rx: Minimal rest @ shoulders
BRx: Hang Power Clean + Jerk (re-set at rack)

Clean & Jerk
Ground to overhead in 2 distinct movements
7 x 3 : 60%+


WOD (15)

5 min Tech and skill review on HSPU and TTB

2 Rounds for Max Reps / movement:
1min Max HSPU (mod: negative Pushups)
30s Rest
1min Max TTB (mod: V-Sit)
30s Rest
1min Max Russian KB Swing (32/24)
30s Rest

Author: Simon 'Thor' Damborg

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