Are You Going to the 2015 CrossFit Games?

Hey RAthletes!

As you know (or hopefully know) we have our very own James 2.0 Kelleher competing at the CrossFit Games in Carson California. It’s basically Disneyland for CrossFitters with a whole lot of hot naked sweaty people.

Here’s the timeline from http://games.crossfit.com/article/2015-reebok-crossfit-games-season-schedule

The 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games will be held on July 21-26. The final stage of the search for the Fittest on Earth will return to the StubHub Center in Carson, California. The Team and Individual Competitions will begin on Wednesday, July 22, and continue through the weekend. The Masters Competition will be held earlier in the week (Tues.-Thurs., July 21-23).

Tickets went on sale this morning. If you missed the boat, comment on here or contact Thor ASAP as we have access to additional tickets until Friday morning. Let us know ASAP if you 100% would like tickets and we’ll make sure you get hooked up!

Author: Simon 'Thor' Damborg

Simon is the Head Coach and Owner of Raincity Athletics. “Discovering a new level of health has changed my life, not only in how I look feel and perform, but how I feel about myself both inside and out. I want to help as many people as I can discover their ‘athlete within’ no matter what level that may be, which is why I love our slogan: Find Your Fit. Our bodies are nicer than any car, house, or pet we’ll ever own, and yet we constantly abuse them like we can buy another one if it breaks. I strongly believe if we can maximize our physical health and performance it will have a positive affect on our lives in more ways than anyone can imagine.”

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