Important information re: Soccer Tournament this Saturday!

If you are signed up for our soccer team this Saturday please make sure you read this! If you are not signed up but interested in playing we’d still love to have ya!!!

Signup, Donate & Details: http://raincityathletics.ca/events/brenna-innes-memorial-soccer-tournement/

Lots of people are going to ‘come and go’ from the tournement which is a-ok BUT I NEED to make sure we have at least 9 players there and ready to kick ass at 9:30 AM! 

Check out all the details below:

From the organizers:

We are only days away and really looking forward to seeing you soon.  A couple of last minute tips for Saturday.
Start Time:  The games start right at 10:00 at UBC Thunderbird Stadium (not arena, we’ve had people show up at the ice rink before).  Please ask your team to arrive for 9:30 to register.  We will not be releasing the schedule ahead of time.
Skill Level: There will be 3 pools of different skill levels so please email me and tell me and tell me the approximate skill level of your team.
Rules: See attached/below.
Costumes: Wear them!  There are prizes!
After Party: The Anza club.  Drinks are cheap and cover is only $5.


  1. Teams are to play with 7 players on the field (6 players and a goalie). At least 2 females must be on the field at all times.
  2. Games are 20 minutes, with NO half-time break. All games will start and finish with a central horn signal.
  3. Referees will call fouls, throw-ins, and goals during the games.
    1. No slide tackling – Goalies can slide in the goal area to handle the ball.
    2. No offsides
    3. Only indirect free kicks
    4. Players must be 5 meters away from free kicks, corners, and throw-ins
    5. Goal area, half-way line, and touch line will be marked with cones – please respect the referees’ decision as they must estimate these lines
  4. During the regular run of play, if the goalie takes possession of the ball using their hands then the ball must be touched before it crosses center x If the goalie chooses to put the ball on the ground and kick it, the ball would still need to be touched before center x If it is a goal kick, the goalie can only throw or role the ball and it must be touched before it crosses center
  5. Substitutions are made “on-the-fly”, EXCEPT for the goalie who can only be substituted when there is a stoppage in play.
  6. Kick-offs will start the game and restart the game after a goal is scored. A goal cannot be scored directly from a kick off.
  7. Throw-ins are taken from the sidelines. A goal cannot be scored directly from a throw-in.
  8. Teams will play with white shirts or colored bibs (provided). 9. Team captains will report scores to the registration booth following each game. 10. Please keep in mind the purpose of the tournament – enjoy yourselves and play with good team spirit!

Author: Simon 'Thor' Damborg

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