Testimonial: I left my personal trainer for CrossFit and…

01 May 2015

For years I dissed crossfit. I thought it was a ‘cult’ and that ‘people always get injured.’ My friends and colleagues were all regularly attending crossfit and visually showing the results with their changing physiques. I chose to take the very expensive personal trainer route. After two years and a significantly lighter wallet, I realized that my body was not changing as much as those doing crossit and I was definitely not getting the strength gains they were. So… reluctantly I walked into Raincity Athletics and everything changed for me.

I’m a skeptical guy by nature and team at Raincity very quickly made me realize that I had joined the best ‘box’ in the city. My on boarding program was fantastic and when I joined the regular programming my strength and coordination grew in leaps and bounds, as did my circle of new friends. The programming is amazing, but the bonus with Raincity is the epic community. Supportive, caring, likeminded and real.
It’s nearly one year since I walked through those doors. My clean has gone from 95lbs to 205 lbs, my back squat from 155lbs to 295lbs and my confidence gains are immeasurable.
Want to change your physique? Your strength? Your confidence? Your life? – do yourself a favour and head to 333 Terminal Ave and walk through the doors. I promise you – things will never be the same for you either.
– Simon Lowe

Author: Simon 'Thor' Damborg

Simon is the Head Coach and Owner of Raincity Athletics. “Discovering a new level of health has changed my life, not only in how I look feel and perform, but how I feel about myself both inside and out. I want to help as many people as I can discover their ‘athlete within’ no matter what level that may be, which is why I love our slogan: Find Your Fit. Our bodies are nicer than any car, house, or pet we’ll ever own, and yet we constantly abuse them like we can buy another one if it breaks. I strongly believe if we can maximize our physical health and performance it will have a positive affect on our lives in more ways than anyone can imagine.”

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