Beat The Old Guy Episode 2 & Getting 2.0 to the Games Campaign

27 June 2015

We’re coming up 3.5 weeks until James ‘2.0’ Kelleher heads down to Carson California to compete at the CrossFit Games.

Tomorrow he throws down against some top athletes to push him to his limits (mentally and physically) once again, to prepare him for 3 days of non stop competition in the California heat. Athletes please plan to start your warmup around 1pm, and we’ll kickoff event 1 around 1:30pm. We should have everything wrapped up by about 3pm (2 brutal events once again).

Come out and support James & the athletes he’s taking on!

We have KELLEHER “2.0” Jerseys coming in next week with %100 of proceeds going to James & supporting his journey, but that will only get the ball rolling for what he needs to get to the games. I’ve started a gofundme page for James which hopefully will help cover a few more of his costs. Every little bit helps!

Author: Simon 'Thor' Damborg

Simon is the Head Coach and Owner of Raincity Athletics. “Discovering a new level of health has changed my life, not only in how I look feel and perform, but how I feel about myself both inside and out. I want to help as many people as I can discover their ‘athlete within’ no matter what level that may be, which is why I love our slogan: Find Your Fit. Our bodies are nicer than any car, house, or pet we’ll ever own, and yet we constantly abuse them like we can buy another one if it breaks. I strongly believe if we can maximize our physical health and performance it will have a positive affect on our lives in more ways than anyone can imagine.”

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