Canadian Affiliate League Teams & Registration – Fall 2015

20 September 2015

It’s that time of year again for another season of the Canadian Affiliate League!
The CAL is an awesome way to ‘whet your appetite’ for competition, no matter what level CrossFitter you are!


If you are interested in being on a team, but haven’t got 8 athletes together then fill out our form HERE
We will use this list to build balanced Raincity teams this week! Filling out this form does not 100% commit you to a team (depending on #s) but you should be prepared to take part! 

If you already have a full team (or close) please comment on this post (in our FB group) and let us know how many more athletes you need & what level team you are! 

Each team will need a ‘captain’ – if you’re interested in taking on a Captains roll please let us know!
Captains are in charge of communicating with the opposing teams, and receive a free T-shirt!

The CAL has made some changes to really open it up to any level. Each week there will be 3 battles in a match. Teams may now tag in and out between each of the 3 matches. So if a movement comes up you’re not comfortable with, you can tag someone else in! As long as you have 4 athletes committed each night (1 member of each sex) then your team will compete! Having extra subs is definitely an advantage though 🙂

Below are the details of this season from CanadianAffiliateLeague.com


There will be NO late registration or exceptions to this.
Team Registration: $400 which includes your Captains T-Shirt. 
Athlete Registration (once your captain has registered your team) is free with the option to add a T-Shirt for $12.


It is mandatory for teams captains (or a stand in) to attend this meeting. 
Please come prepared to listen & relay information to your team & captain.
You will also pickup your shirts at the meeting as well as be introduced to your first WOD & opponent.


NEW: WODs will be released on the Friday before the weeks competition. 
NEW: Matches will automatically be scheduled at 8pm Thursday each week, but Captains can adjust this as needed. 
Events are expected to be scheduled on Thursdays or Sundays each week.
Can’t make it every week? This is why you’ve got a team of 8 athletes to choose from every week!


NEW: Playoff teams MUST be made up of 2x male and 2x female athlete from your teams roster. 
Plan to be there all day. Finale timeline TBT based on registrations. 


Click here for all posts/updates related to the Fall 2015 Season including changes from previous seasons that are relevant.


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