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Class Size:
  • What is it?
    Extended Open Gym:
    • 6-10am Monday + Wednesday
    • 8-930pm Tues + Thursday
    Additional Programming:
    • Additional barbell and skill work Tuesdays.
    • Additional ‘comp’ wods on Thursday.

    Extended Access

    You’ll get access to all of the coaches via a private group. At any (reasonable) time you may check gym availability and if a coach is there.
    “Hey, I’d like to come in and make up some squats around 2pm, will somebody be there?”
    “I’m hoping to come in early before the nooner/8am/… and make up some _____, will somebody be there?”
  • Who's it for?
    This membership is open to anyone who has completed 100 classes or more at Raincity Athletics (or with special permissions) and is looking for a little more…
    • More programming (additional skill work + Olympic lifting)
    • more time (extended open gym hours during the week)
    • more access (midday access when available).

    Please note: There are no additional ‘coached’ classes, just additional work to do, and time slots to do it.

    OR If you work odd hours and are just looking for some extra time to come in, make up a wod, or do a couple extra bicep curls/good mornings!

    The additional access and open gym times are for anyone who is experienced enough to ‘take care of themselves’ and the equipment. This is why we have a 100 class minimum to access the membership – we want to know that you’re adequately trained in all the necesary movements, and that you’ll be respectful of the rules, space, and equipment. A coach will always be ‘in the studio’ with you, but they will not likely be paying attention to you or what you’re doing (unless necessary).
    The additional programming is for those who are training consistently 5+ x a week already. You foam roll, mobilize, and take care of your owies at night. You keep an eye on the raincityathletics.ca/comp page in case something interesting comes along. And you are preparing to compete in the sport of fitness.
  • What does it cost?
    On launch this membership will be an additional $30/month with a minimum 3 month commitment – or pay up front for 3 months and save 15%.

    The price will be assessed and adjusted if/when needed, though as long as you don’t cancel you will always get a grandfathered rate.
    Details on cancellation, pauses, etc. will be released with the membership in June.

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