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The ‘Metcon’ class is the newest addition to Raincity Athletics.


These classes are 45 minute high intensity sessions that take the principles of CrossFit (functional movements performed at high intensity) but eliminate the strength work of our typical CrossFit classes. On top of that, in order to keep intensity as high as possible we eliminate many of the barbell movements found in our CrossFit Group Classes (that you learn in your OnRamp) and focus on simpler (but still compound & functional) movements at maximal intensity.


These classes are primarily offered every 2 hours (or so) during open gym. For our regular CrossFit members there is additional strength work applied to open gym which you can come in before (or after) to complete during open gym – or you can choose to do your own work.


note: For those on the 3x / week membership, coming in for open gym + the metcon class will only count as 1 session. 

The Science Behind Going All Out

(from thedailyburn)

“The goal of metabolic conditioning is to train your body to work at a higher intensity and increase the efficiency of storage and delivery of energy.”

The prevailing wisdom many years ago was that long endurance training sessions were necessary to improve your cardiovascular system. Now, research suggests there’s more than one way to improve your cardio fitness. Study after study has continued to show that interval training, the art of alternating high-intensity with low-intensity efforts, can be beneficial for your heart and lungs. High-intensity training can also be just as effective as traditionalendurance training at burning fat. And thanks to theafterburn effect, you’ll continue to burn calories and fat immediately following your all-out training session. Ramping up your workout intensity may even help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.