#102 - 333 Terminal Ave, Vancouver
#102 - 333 Terminal Ave, Vancouver




YourFit: You run and stuff
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It’s always important to remember why #CrossFit uses Olympic Lifting & Gymnastics as the primary routines alongside your metcon (metabolic conditioning… aka cardio).

Our goal is to produce a higher capacity to do ‘work’ . A better understanding of movement and control of your body is going to help you accomplish that. Oh… It’s also going to improve your snatch.

Currently our ‘Movement’ class is in conjunction (typically as the warmup) with Coach Matt’s Wednesday night Olympic Lifting, but we’re looking to expand it into it’s own class soon so stay tuned!


Anyone Can Do It

These classes are open to anyone, no matter what your level of fitness! If you’re not sure which one to start with contact us and we’ll help you out. 

You Run and Stuff

These classes are for those who know how to move. You may not be the fittest, but you know your body works and how to move it. This includes our OnRamp Program.

You CrossFit

Participation in these classes requires the completion of our OnRamp Program or an equivalent. If you’re a new graduate we encourage you to stick to level 3 classes for your first couple of weeks (or months). 

You Rx It

Once you have completed an OnRamp (or similar) program and are starting to get comfortable with all the movements, you can start stepping up your game and attending some of our higher level classes!  

You Compete

Participation in our Competitors or Sport classes require an Extended Membership which requires special permission and/or at least 100 classes at Raincity Athletics.

The Advanced Olympic lifting class is included with your CrossFit group class membership, but you will be expected to know all your 1 rep maxes in all major lifts. 

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