#102 - 333 Terminal Ave, Vancouver
#102 - 333 Terminal Ave, Vancouver



  • Apprentice Coach
  • CrossFit Level One Certified
  • 2014 CrossFit Open – Masters Qualifier Event (122nd worldwide)
  • Black Belt, Shotokan Karate
  • Former member of University teams in both Swimming and Basketball


Athletics and fitness have been central to James since the age of 12, when he entered the world of competitive Judo. Competing at, and sometimes winning, Provincial and Regional Championships, James learned very early that in the grappling sports, extreme strength, power, and endurance are invaluable. A lifetime of physical activity followed: high school football (defensive captain and smallest member of the team) and basketball, University varsity basketball and swimming, followed by Shotokan Karate, triathlons, yoga, and resistance training.

A litigation lawyer and then a College prof, James kept fit, but found that as the years passed, his exercise routine grew stale, a duty rather than a joy. A long, slow decline seemed to beckon—the prospect that many baby boomers are now experiencing. “I’m still fit (I guess) … but next year, I’m going to be LESS fit … and there’s nothing I can do about it …”

CrossFit changed all of that.

Joining Raincity Athletics in its first month of existence, James has become one of its most consistent and persistent Masters athletes, an inspiration to athletes half his age. He is a welcome addition to our coaching staff. Approaching 60 years of age, James is now stronger than he was in his twenties, perhaps stronger than he has ever been. A dedicated coach throughout his life in various sports, he now focusses on helping others at Raincity—young and old—to achieve levels of fitness and wellness that have to be seen to be believed!

“While I have always maintained a fairly high level of fitness, by the time I was in my fifties, I believed that the inevitable decline into a weak, slow, old age was the only prospect facing me. Like a lot of my friends, I was in danger of accepting that my body was going to get weaker, flabbier, and less resilient—and that all of that bad stuff was happening right now. I was in danger of just giving up ….  But CrossFit has shown me that I was too pessimistic—I’m developing greater mobility, power and endurance, as well as athletic skills that I have never had before: gymnastics, Olympic Weightlifting, and so much more. And I’m doing all of this within the most supportive, fun-filled community I’ve ever experienced, a ‘family’ or ‘tribe’ of people of all ages, all having a great time together.”


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