Administrator, Other, Trainer

Education, Athletic History & other Passions

  • Crossfit Level 1, 2008 (Test taken August 2009)
    Crossfit Level 2, 2015
    Crossfit Gymnastics
    Crossfit Kids
    Crossfit Olympic Lifting Level 1
    Crossfit Olympic Lifting Level 2
    Crossfit Mobility and Movement
    USAW Sports Performance Coach
    OPEX Program Design
    OPEX Assessment
    OPEX Business Systems
    OPEX Nutrition
    Training Think Tank (Exercise Physiology, Assessment, Strength Systems, Energy Systems)
    Catalyst Athletics Level 1 (in progress)

  • South Central Regional Team Competitor 2011, 2013 and 2014
    Coach, South Central Region Team Louisiana 2015
    1st Place, 75+ Women, Louisiana State Weightlifting Open 2014
    1st Place, 75+ Women, NOLA Barbell Club Open 2015
    1st Place, 75+ Women, Mississippi State Championship 2015
    Club Coach, NOLA Barbell Club
    1st Place Women’s Team Louisiana State Weightlifting Open 2014
    1st Place Women’s Team NOLA Barbell Club Open 2015
    1st Place Women’s Team Louisiana State Weightlifting Open 2015
    1st Place Women’s Team NOLA Barbell Club Open 2016
  • Collegiate Soccer Player
    Assistant Coach College Soccer 2007
    USA South Women’s Rugby
Liz discovered Crossfit in 2008 while living In New Orleans, Louisiana, looking up WODs online and working out in a garage and local YMCA. In 2010 she found the newly opened Crossfit NOLA. She spent the next 5 years working there full-time, including managing their largest gym location, organizing regional competitions, and starting their individualized design training program.
She sees Crossfit as a great gateway to all different types of movement and lifting culture, from Olympic Weightlifting to gymnastics training to mobility and stability work. The possibilities are endless! She loves the challenge of learning about, coaching, and mastering movements from all of these disciplines.
She is excited to join the team at Raincity Athletics. You will find Liz answering emails, doing On Ramp sessions, helping with Coach Training/Continuing Education, designing personalized training for clients, working with the Comp group, and whatever other possibilities Raincity bring her way!


Incredible CrossFit gym. A+ Coaching, programming, equipment and on top of all that an extremely warm, friendly and "passionate about life" community. If you love fitness you feel right at home at Raincity Athletics.

Bryce H.

One of my favorite places in Vancouver. I've been signed up a month and have loved every minute of it! I am a total newb in regards to CrossFit and they are teaching me all there is to know! These guys are the ones to choose if you've always wanted to try CrossFit and have been too intimidated. They are kind, open and more than happy to share their wealth of knowledge.

Zina B.

I know I'm speaking for all of the members when I say Raincity changed my life. I've never met such a wide variety of incredibly supportive individuals. Regardless of your fitness level, there's always an appropriate modification and the coaches are extremely helpful/informative. I couldn't ask for a better experience.

Erin R.

The coaches & members rid you of the fear that crossfit is "too hard" and they lift you up with all the skill and support you would need to push through the darkest moments in a workout. I'm so incredibly pleased with the staff, facility and members at RainCity Athletics! Thanks guys for making the gym my 2nd home! <3

Katie F.

The Coaches at Raincity Athletics know their stuff, they know how to push you while still ensuring safe movement.

Katie F

The scariest thing about joining Crossfit for me was always the fear of inadequacy and not keeping up to the rest of the class - but that is never a worry at Raincity. Every member is different in their ability and strong in their own ways - you will get better and every single person there is routing for your success.

Erin R

Simon, James (1.0), Alexi and Mike are extraordinary coaches and make you feel like you can conquer the world.

Zina B.

I've trained at a lot of CrossFit gyms and I've never seen such a positive, inspiring, and awesome group of athletes as at Raincity Athletics.

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