#102 - 333 Terminal Ave, Vancouver
#102 - 333 Terminal Ave, Vancouver




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Mitch is a CrossFit Coach and Athlete. He loves seeing growth and is passionate about sharing the satisfaction of training and camaraderie with others. An athlete at heart and a lover of the underdog he enjoys seeing people experience training in a way they never thought possible. The balance of effective training and welcoming community cannot be overstated.

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    Mitch has been involved with sports his whole life. Growing up he was a hockey goaltender participating on Richmond’s AAA teams. Later he transitioned into boxing and had 10 amateur fights over the course of 2 years. After boxing Mitch was looking for a change. He found CrossFit and never looked back.

    When not at the gym Mitch can often be found slamming some beats on the drum kit, bouldering, sketching art and hanging out with friends.

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 I've been to a few Crossfit Gyms and have had coaches in different contact sports but none with the integrity and commitment to making each person a better athlete, whatever that looks like for the individual.

Nat Canonaco

I've worked with Mitch for over 2 years now. I would highly recommend Mitch as a coach and trainer. He's knowledgeable, enthusiastic, supportive and, most importantly for newer or less capable athletes, he's patient!

Rennie Brown

I always enjoy Mitch's energy, drive and coaching support. His approach to coaching has helped me to develop into a faster, stronger athlete. I would recommend his skills and services to any aspiring individual looking to improve their fitness

Matt Summers

Training with Mitch has been a total pleasure! When I came into the gym I had no idea what I was doing and had zero experience lifting weights and had never worked with a trainer before. Right at the start Mitch's positive energy put me at ease. I have been working with Mitch in group classes since February of 2014 and cannot remember one negative experience that I have had with him. No matter the situation or the question Mitch addresses it with an impressive depth of knowledge. With his guidance I have made fitness gains I never thought I would be able to, while also learning and feeling more confident than ever before in a gym setting.

Jennifer McNellis

Mitch is the perfect coach to have when training in this crazy world of CrossFit. He is tremendously knowledgeable and has a fantastic ability to communicate what he wants to his clients in ways that make sense and are easily executable. His general positive attitude and solid rapport with all that encounter him makes him someone you want to be coached by. I cannot recommend him enough

Justin Holt

He's extremely committed to each and every person who comes in to his classes. He keeps a watchful eye on everyone and endeavors to ensure that we have the best class experience possible. He is committed to helping each of us get the most out of our workouts while at the same time being smart and safe in what we do. I would not hesitate to recommend Mitch. As the dedicated and knowledgeable coach that he is, any athlete would benefit from his guidance.

Hailey Moore

It's always been clear to me that Mitch strives to give the best service possible to his clients. He does a great job at focusing on what the client wants to achieve and figuring out the best route to get them there. He is dedicated and constantly working to expand his skill set.

Stephanie Kaye
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