#102 - 333 Terminal Ave, Vancouver
#102 - 333 Terminal Ave, Vancouver




Education, Athletic History & other Passions

  • CrossFit Level One Certified
    3+ Years of Training & Competing

  • Once did a Double Back Flip on a trampoline

  • Watching Movies and TV Shows
    Maybe fitness?

I was born and Raised in Vancouver, and played every sport growing up (ok at everything, not great at anything). I left Fitness World because I was bored and like being social and the Community aspect of CrossFit appealed to me. I like pushing myself and being better every day and I also love sharing that with people I love.

  • More about Sean

    Growing up in North Vancouver, Sean always had a interest in sport.  With having so many sports and activities available to him, at one point or another he did them all.  If it involved a ball, a puck or a board, Sean got his hands on it.

    After high school Sean quit the team thing and joined a boxing gym, and it was here where he got a taste for intensity.  Skipping, sprinting, and plyometrics we a big part of training and it pushed him.  Supplemented with his Fitness World membership, it worked… for a while.
    After a couple years of the same routine, it was time to try something new.  A quick conversation with his brother and they both decided to try Crossfit.  After completing his onramp, Sean was ready for his first full blown Crossfit class – “Kalsu”. Little did he know, this was one of the ‘worst’ and hardest CrossFit workouts that exists, maybe an agressive day 1. Either way, it was an eye opener to say the least, and it was the spark that pushed Sean to want to continue to train and be better.

    In his day job Sean works as a Talent Agent. He loves working with people and helping them achieve their goals whether that’s to book an acting part of photoshoot, or to find a new level of fitness. As Sean continues to learn and grow as a coach, he hopes he can pass along some of the passion and excitement he has experienced from Crossfit.

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