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  • Reserving & Cancelling Classes

    Our system makes it easy to make & cancel reservations! Please keep in mind, this can all be done from your Mobile Smartphone as well! Jump To How to Make a Class Reservation How to Cancel a Reservation How to Reserve to the Waitlist of a Class How to Make a Class Reservation To make a reservati...
    31 January 2015
  • Add Our Mobile Web App to Your Smartphone

      The Raincity Athletics mobile web app allows you to do all kinds of amazing things, right from your smartphone! Book and reserve classes Digitally sign contracts and waivers Check into classes in real-time Upload a photo to your profile Record and share workout results And much more… KEY POIN...
    31 January 2015
  • Log your WODs with Our Mobile App

    Below is a step by step guide to get you setup with our mobile web app so you can log your workouts & track your results! Step 1 – Access Member Connect Access the member connect app here: APP.RAINCITYATHLETICS.CA Please bookmark this page to your home screen for easy access in the future....
    31 January 2015
  • Get Social With Us!

    We have 2 private Facebook groups for Raincity Athletics members. Please ‘request to join’ both groups! FBINFO.RAINCITYATHLETICS.CA This is our important ‘News & Updates’ group. Only Raincity Coaches & Admins will post in this group, though members are welcome to comm...
    01 January 2015
  • Checking the WOD & Tracking Your Results

    To maximize your membership with us is making sure you track your results! We have some awesome software to help you do this, as well as a mobile app to make it as easy as possible! About Our WODs We always post the workout of the day (WOD) the day before so you know what to be prepared for (if you...
    01 January 2015


  • Referral Bonus

    If your friend signs a contract with us (3x / week or unlimited), you get 1 month of unlimited membership added to your contract!


    Missing a referral? Just e-mail info@raincityathletics.ca and we’ll look into it.

  • Members Discount

    As a monthly contract member at Raincity Athletics you receive %15 off all additional services like Private Training.

  • Overnight Storage & The Lost and Found

    Dragging gym gear around is no fun!

    We’ve got no problem if you want to keep the basics (Shoes, Wraps & Jump Rope) in the back hall! Just remember a couple basic things:

    • Keep it tidy
    • ONLY the top shelves are for overnight use
    • Daily bags can go in the lower shelves
    • ONLY leave shoes & equipment you regularly use

    Anything left in the bottom shelves will be moved to the lost and found on a daily basis. When the lost and found is full it will be donated or thrown out, so please check on it regularly.

Account Issues & Questions

If you have any account issues or questions:



  • Where can I view my contract?

    You can view your digital contract at anytime via your Zen Planner profile online. Login, and then go to My Profile > Documents.

  • Pauses and Holds

    Contracts may be held for 1 – 3 months in 1 month periods with good reason.

    • Work is taking you out of town for a prolonged period of time
    • Extended holiday/vacation (3+ weeks)
    • Pregnancy
    • Injury

    We request at least 2 weeks notice before expecting any membership pauses. You will receive an automated email before your pause is removed, if you need it extended or any changes made just reply to that email, otherwise your pause/hold will end.

  • Contract Cancellation Policy

    If you would like to cancel your contract/membership with Raincity Athletics (boo!), you will be required to pay any difference in the price you were paying, and what the price ‘would have’ been based on the length you were with us.


    You’ve signed a 1 year contract: $200 / month
    You stayed at Raincity: 7 Months

    You completed a 6 month contract, and 1 month at no contract.

    6 month contract: $210 / month
    No Contract: $225 / month

    $10 x 6 months = $60
    $25 x 1 month = $25
    = $85 + tax

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Photos by Julieth Fajardo