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21 February 2015

Introduction from Thor

For those that don’t know our masters athlete and CrossFit Games hopeful James 2.0 Kelleher, there’s one thing he loves more than training… reading about training!

James posts 1 – 3 different articles a day to his facebook page. Olympic Lifting, CrossFit, mental toughness, training, and everything in between. One day I asked James, ‘do you actually read every article you post?’ ‘Of course I do’ he replied.

So, I asked him to start summarizing his favorite articles from the week. Whether they’re his favorite because of who wrote them, or because they related to what’s been going on at Raincity Athletics this week. You can trust that he’s probably read every CrossFit, olympic lifting, training, or mobility article that’s been posted – and each week he will present for you his favorite 3!

This weeks top CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Training & Mobility articles.

Thought I would highlight a few articles, all of which have shown up on my Facebook pages. These may not be the most influential or important articles of the week, but each of them stood out for me—and each of them can help us get where we want to go with CrossFit (and with life in general).
First, the practical side of things (long term thinking for the Oly lifting part of CrossFit). Every one of us—well, except maybe for John Adams and Mike Whyte—each of us needs to work on mobility for Olympic Lifts and for “goats”  such as Overhead Squats ….
Second, some good advice to enhance the richness and quality of our lives. This is recommended by Kurt Baker. Hafta say that I need to follow the advice about getting more in contact with nature, expressing gratitude, connecting with friends and family …. Also, maybe I should start getting serious about exercising.…
Finally, some short-term strategic thinking for those of us who take the CF pretty damned seriously: what to expect (maybe) in the Open. Personally, I don’t think there’s much doubt about it: the old standards, wallballs, double unders, thrusters, burpees, snatches, etc. are all going to be in the mix. There will be some surprises. And maybe–just maybe—the difficulty level in at least one workout might go up a notch. But, let’s remember ….  In the final analysis, each week is just a WOD. Let’s have some fun!
Thanks for taking a look! If you have certain topics you’d like to request just comment below!

Author: JamesTwoPointOh

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