Important Raincity News & Updates Sept 2015

05 September 2015

You spoke, we listened!

There’s a lot of info here, but we promise it’s worth the read:

  1. Welcome the Optimum Performance Athletics Crew
  2. Welcome Coach Mitch
  3. 7AM Classes Mon – Thurs 
  4. Anonymous Feedback & RAthlete Resource Updates
  5. The Great (FB) Divide – Social & News Groups
  6. Other News & Changes
    1. Cleaning schedule, back hall rules, new strength cycle, competitions page, slack group, and more! 


After our 2 year anniversary survey we got all kinds of amazing feedback, so thank you! We’ve taken it all in and will outline some of the changes coming down the pipeline in this post, but before we get into the changes – we need to welcome our new friends!


Welcome the Optimum Performance Athletics Crew

Since their website has been taken down I couldn’t steal any awesome photos of them together, but googling it did pull this throwback gem up. Coaches Thor, Jimmy, and Alexi (those DUs tho) throwing down at CrossFit Optimum Performance (aka OPA) way back in the day!



This is one of the original CrossFit facilities in Vancouver. It was the beginning of CrossFit for both coaches Jimmy & Alexi, and where I (Thor) began my coaching career & learned a good chunk of what I know today. It was an incredible place that lead to a lot of the inspiration that created Raincity Athletics. They have closed down now and we are honoured to invite their amazing little family into ours!

On top of joining amazing families, we picked up an amazing new coach…


Welcome Morning Coach Mitch to the Family!




Alexi, Jimmy and I all trained with Mitch years ago. For years he was the ‘up and coming’ athlete and coach. Here we are 5 years later and he’s no longer ‘up and coming’ he’s the man. We’re super stoked to have Mitch join our coaching team!

If you’re an evening RAthlete I highly recommend popping in to a morning class (he’ll be coaching most of them) to train with him!

Read more about Mitch here: raincityathletics.ca/coaches/mitch-diwar

With Mitch comes…

7AM Classes Mon + Tues + Wed + Thurs


As we continue to grow, we will always ensure that you (our RAthletes) always get MORE, not less. We’ll monitor the classes (s0 make sure you check in!) and make sure there’s always enough room for everyone to get in and #findyourfit!

On top of adding a new class, the coaches have been moved around a bit. Coach Taryn will now be bringing her expertise to the evening classes on Thursday on top of some other minor changes. Take a look:




The RAthlete resource page has been updated (and simplified). You can scroll to the bottom to see a new section covering the basics of things like how to add our mobile web app, reserving classes, managing bills, and more! If you’d like to see something added, just ask!


Also we want to remind you that we ALWAYS want to hear from you! The online anonymous feedback [ raincityathletics.ca/feedback ]  is there so that you can have a voice without any concern. Let us know what you think of the new schedule, things you’d like to see added, and more! If there’s something we can do to improve your experience at Raincity, we want to hear it. 



The day has finally come. We love how active everyone is in our Raincity Athletics Members Private Facebook Group, but based on feedback – facebook was the #1 method people liked to get their news & info (like this post). Since we want to continue to build our awesome community (and let you share shark photos and videos for Mike & Jimmy) we’ve decided to split the group into 2…

fbsocial Social group header

The RA Social Members Community [ fbsocial.raincityathletics.ca ] is open to anyone who’s part of the Raincity Athletics community, and has held a membership with us at some point. It’s a place for RAthletes to post about their upcoming events, or share their favourite videos and links.

fbinfo News and updates header

The RA Important News & Announcements [ fbinfo.rainityathletics.ca ] group is exclusive to RAthletes on contract and regularly attending Raincity Athletics. PLEASE REQUEST TO JOIN ASAP.
All important news, updates, and posts will be fed through this group. We encourage you to leave notifications ON so that you don’t miss anything! We promise not to flood/spam you (sorry about all the notifications during the change).

Other News & Changes


  • The cleaning schedule has been aggressively ramped up. Please be respectful of our space and ensure you put ALL your equipment back where it belongs. Dog owners please make sure you vacuum up after your dog! Failure to do so will result in either cleaning charges OR we will stop allowing your furry friend to join us (please don’t make us do that!)
  • The back hall is being regularly monitored and unnecessary/organized overnight belongings being removed. You are welcome to keep your shoes, wrist wraps, knee sleeves & jump rope nicely organized in the upper shelves, but everything in the bottom shelves will be removed on a daily basis. 
  • New purchase system: All purchases are now made via the iPad beside the fridge. Please remember to make your purchase BEFORE you take your item. If you have any issues with the system notify a coach ASAP, OR send an e-mail to info@raincityathletics.ca with your purchase (in detail).
  • New cycles beginning this week: We will be starting a new strength cycle this week. It will be a combination of previous cycles we have done based on both your feedback as athletes, as well as the #s and results we’ve tracked. Remember, if you want the programming to reflect what YOU need, you MUST log your results!
  • New Competitions page: We love to see our RAthletes compete in CrossFit – no matter what the level! Coaches Thor & Taryn will be updating this page [ raincityathletics.ca/comp ] for info on upcoming competitions we think you may be interested in. Feel free to shoot us a note if you have any questions about what may or may not be right for you!
  • The Slack Group: Our slack group is the fastest way to see updates. It pulls in everything tagged #RAthletes as well as our blog posts, news, updates, etc. You have direct access to your coaches as well as your fellow rathletes. If you’re interested in joining our beta just shoot an e-mail to thor @ raincityathletics.ca and request an invite

Upcoming Social Events Including Monday Beach Day

BEACH DAY: We will post Sunday afternoon about the Monday Beach Day Details! The plan is to meet at Kits beach at 9:30am for a WOD, then hangout & BBQ in the sun after! If the sun isn’t shining we will post here Sunday afternoon, and we will host the usual Holiday Team WOD schedule at 10 & 11am WODs.

Here’s a preview of other events that are coming up:

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