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02 November 2015

Lot’s going on at Raincity Athletics, so here’s your little breakdown! Please make sure you give it a gander. The top items are mandatory reading, the bottom items are recommended reading.

Here’s the breakdown: 

  • The Clean Out (back hall)
  • New Referral Bonus System
  • New Toys Coming In
  • New & Improved RAthlete Resources
  • Upcoming Events
  • Coach Katie’s Story (#ststrong)
  • CF24 Success

The Clean Out (this week)

  • All members are requested to take EVERYTHING home in the back hallway this week
  • Anything left after Friday November 6th will be up for sale from Saturday onward!
  • A few reasons why:
    •  We’ve accumulated quite the collection and want to ensure that ALL shoes back there are actively being used by current members
    • Take it home and wash it (you should probably be doing this anyways)
    • We will be doing a little reno work to make it cleaner, tidier, and easier to use
  • You will be able to bring back the ITEMS YOU USE the following week.
    • Acceptable items: Lifting shoes, running shoes, jump rope, knee sleeves, wrist wraps

New Referral Bonus System

  • If you refer a client that signs ANY contract length, you get 1 month of UNLIMITED membership ($225 value) added to the end of yours! 
  • The fine print: 
    • Client signing up must list you as their referral upon registration (there’s a field for it) 
    • Any contract is eligible (3x or unlimited, 6 months to 24 months)
    • ‘No contract’ or Punch Cards do not qualify
    • If client cancels before the end of their contract, your bonus month will be removed 
    • The month is applied when the referred client begins their class membership (not onramp)
  • All Clients referred up to should have already been credited for the old system (6mo: $50, 12mo: $100, 24mo: $150)
  • All October & onward referrals will be credited with the new system

New Toys Coming In

  • We’ve gotten busy, and we want to thank you for that success! We’re doing the best to maximize our use of the space, and we’ve made some changes you’ll see coming in (if you haven’t already)
  • The front desk has been cut down, and barbells have been moved against the wall to help create as much floor space as possible
  • New Equipment coming in including another Rower, additional rack space (more pull-up bars, rings & muscle up stations) and a few more toys!

Upcoming Events

  • All events are always listed here: raincityathletics.ca/events, but here’s a quick reminder:
  • CrossFit Liftoff Online & In house competition
    • Friday November 6th we’ll do a little ‘in house’ weightlifting competition! Check the event for details: raincityathletics.ca/events/2015crossfitliftoff/
    • Anyone and everyones invited to join us either to lift (in house) or register and submit your scores online, or just come watch the #RAthletes throw some weight around!
    • It’s Coach Seans birthday, so bring some drinks and we’ll probably head out after too! (those exercising can shower at the gym)
  • Holiday Party at Raincity Athletics
    • Save the date! Saturday December 19th we’ll be having an in house party for all the RAthletes to come together, dress up, eat some good food, and watch Randy dance on tables.
    • This event is for RAthletes and their +1s ONLY
  • Other Competitions, events, etc. that RAthletes are involved in
    • The Winter Challenge (nov 13-15): We have a handful of RAthletes competing including Coach Taryn & Simon Lamy – You can volunteer to help or just come out and cheer them on!
    • BC Masters Challenge (nov 28): James 2.0 and #TheDentist will both be competing in this event!
    • CAL Playoffs (nov 29): We have 3 teams (24 athletes) taking part, come out and cheer them on or volunteer and help out!

RAthlete Resources

  • You spoke, we listened!
  • The RAthletes Resources are now simplified and available via the Raincity mobile web app! On your mobile click the menu (3 lines) at the top left, or on your computer check on the menu item on the left!
  • Only active members will be able to see this page (you will have to be logged in)
  • Remember you can submit any/all anonymous feedback via this as well – we want to hear from you!

Coach Katie

Many of you know, many of you don’t. Coach Katie was dealing with what we thought was a disc injury in her back. I’ll let her tell the rest of the story:

Back in mid-july I experienced some tightness in my left leg while on vacation in California. Once I got back to Vancouver I went into physio to be told I had a pinched nerve. Post physio, I tried to go back to exercise but knew something just wasn’t right. I ws refferred to a chiropracter to not only diagnose this a little further but get a different form of treatement. At that point (about 10 weeks ago) I was told I had an L5-S1 disc injury. A type of injury nobody wants to be faced with. Knowing I’d be out of crossfit and any form of training was completely heartbreaking. At that point I started weekly chiro and massage therapy visits in hopes to suck the disc back in place. After 8 weeks and additional forms of treament, my condition wasn’t improving. It was at this point I knew imaging would be my next step. An MRI was booked and I decided to bite the bullet and pay for it out of pocket.

October 21st was the day my world was rocked. My MRI scan was complete and to everyones surprise we discovered a tumour on my sacrum. The doctor reviewing the MRI with me gave me his opinion of what kind of tumour we may be dealing with but told me a biopsy would need to be completed. Since the discovery of the tumour I’ve been in and out of the hospital, multiple tests and tears but finally on Thursday Oct, 29th the biopsy was complete. Now we wait. Our hope is to recieve results from the biopsy sometime later this week. With the review of the biopsy results will also come the plan to remove the mass.

You can follow Katie as we get news and updates and her road to recovery via instagram: @stgraye

Once the Biopsy results come in we will be looking at setting up a Gofundme to help Coach Katie handle the (past) and upcoming fees & challenges that she’ll be facing. She will be in/out and around the gym depending on how things are feeling. Once we know the full story, we’ll continue to keep you updated here once the final answers are in and we know exactly what’s going on.

We have setup a slack group #STSTRONG if you ever want news or updates on the recovery process, or if you want to reach out. If you’re not in our slack group e-mail thor@raincityathletics.ca to request to join.


Katiie’s Singing alter ego (She’s good, if you haven’t heard – if she’s up for it, we’ll be making her sing at the Holiday Party too) is St. Graye. For whatever reason I decided it was funnier to call this STAY GRAYE rather than Saint. For ages I continued to make fun of her constantly referring to her as ||  STAY GRAYE  ||

Well… I think the term STAY STRONG applies to the situation very well, and though this is all about supporting her, I still plan to continue to make fun of her (a little bit), so… #STSTRONG

CF24 Success

On a lighter note, and still in the spirit of our amazing community and supporting those in need. THANK YOU to everyone who donated or supported our CF24 adventure! At Raincity Athletics alone we raised almost $12,000 that will go to the Special Olympics Canada. Across Canada over $150,000 was raised through this event.

THANK YOU to every single member. By joining Raincity Athletics you are not only helping yourself attain a higher level of fitness, but you’re contributing to a community that is dedicating to supporting fitness for everyone. So even if you didn’t directly support #RACF24, by being a member of Raincity Athletics you are always in support of these campaigns.

Author: Simon 'Thor' Damborg

Simon is the Head Coach and Owner of Raincity Athletics. “Discovering a new level of health has changed my life, not only in how I look feel and perform, but how I feel about myself both inside and out. I want to help as many people as I can discover their ‘athlete within’ no matter what level that may be, which is why I love our slogan: Find Your Fit. Our bodies are nicer than any car, house, or pet we’ll ever own, and yet we constantly abuse them like we can buy another one if it breaks. I strongly believe if we can maximize our physical health and performance it will have a positive affect on our lives in more ways than anyone can imagine.”

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