28 June 2016

CrossFit: 5 Things to Know before Trying

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There’s no denying it, CrossFit is taking over the world, ok… maybe that was a little hyperbolic but it sure seems like it! These days you can’t go 20 minutes without passing by a CrossFit gym or hearing about someone’s CrossFit regimen. Since the phenomenon has been so hyped up in the fitness world and on social media, many of the images we see are CrossFitters who look like they do nothing but work out 24 hours a day. Let’s face it, it’s really intimidating. To ease you into the world of CrossFit and show you that it’s not as hard-core as you may think, we’ve partnered with Taryn Haggerstone for some need-to-know tips.


Taryn Haggerstone is a competitive CrossFit athlete and Olympic weightlifter. She is also a coach and regular contributing writer to various CrossFit and fitness blogs. Her training style, which emphasizes weights, functional movements, and high intensity intervals, aims to show that with proper training and motivation, anything is possible.




What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a style of training developed by Greg Glassman which focuses on the use of functional (full body) movements, high intensity and varied programming, while simultaneously creating a community-based environment in which to train. CrossFit combines elements of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and a variety of other sports to help people become fitter and more well-rounded. Over the past few years it has grown in popularity at an exponential rate. Every year more and more CrossFit gyms open up worldwide, more and more people are joining gyms and trying CrossFit for the first time, and if you’re reading this, chances are you are one of those people considering giving CrossFit a shot. But, before you sign up with your local gym, there are a few things to consider.


1. Do your Research


In order to open up a CrossFit gym, all gym-owners must pass the CrossFit Level 1 and pay the annual affiliation fee. Aside from that specifics (such as how the gym is run, the style of programming, coach and client expectations, etc.) can vary greatly between locations. As a result there are a lot of really good gyms out there, but unfortunately some not so good ones as well. Be aware, the difference isn’t always apparent at first glance. So, if you are considering dipping your toes into the world of CrossFit, it’s a good idea to do some background research:

  • How do the different gyms compare price-wise?
  • What sort of education do their coaches have?
  • What programs do they offer?
  • What do the online reviews say?

Once you’ve done that, make an effort to check out a few different locations in person. Every gym has its own ‘vibe’ and sometimes a gym that is great on paper can be the wrong fit for a particular person. Community is a big part of CrossFit – it’s not just a gym where people show up with headphones in, do their own thing for an hour and leave. As such, it’s important to find a gym where you feel comfortable.


2. Bring a Friend


3. Be Prepared…

CrossFit: 5 Things to Know before Trying

Is from 66 Audio #themove

Checkout the whole post:

Author: Taryn Haggerstone

Taryn is one of the lead coaches at Raincity Athletics. She regularly competes in both CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting (at Regional and National levels) when she's not blogging, or helping our RAthletes Find their Fit. Checkout her full bio for more.

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